DOT Inspections

CVE Troopers in most states can stop a truck and conduct a level 1, 2, or 3, inspection without probable cause. Our consultants will share their experience on how to properly inspect a CMV utilizing the CVSA inspection criteria. Our goal is to train your drivers to identify violations before Roadside Enforcement Personnel document the violation.

Compliance Review and Safety Audits

Have you received an audit notice? Let us walk you through it! We will help you prepare for a Federal or State audit by walking you through the process step by step. Because our consultants are Federally Certified, and have completed audits from the DOT Enforcement side, we can help you understand when an auditor might be operating outside the customary guidelines. We are also available to represent your company and help mitigate any possible outcome.

Safety Meetings

DOT audits and inspections

Mock Audits

Another offered service is Texas Best DOT Mock Audits. One or more of our three previously Federally Certified State Auditors will travel to you and utilize the same standardized process that State and Federal Auditors use. Our report will demonstrate if action would likely be taken from a State or Federal DOT auditor. We will also take the time to analyze if you are subject to a safety rating reduction. These results are confidential and NOT shared with State and Federal DOT auditors. We are YOUR advocate and will work for YOU. On completion of your Texas Best DOT Mock Audit, you have the option to retain services and we will assist in fixing the areas of non-compliance.

Administrative Services

We‎ know the world of administrative compliance can be frustrating and time consuming. Our experience with this has led to the development of Texas Best DOT's thirty-seven files and folders to help keep you organized. This system has been rigorously tested and has been instrumental in keeping our clients proactive in record keeping. This service isn't solely for start-ups. We can tailor our services to assist your compliance needs.  We can train your admins on the processes and procedures to be in administrative compliance.  If desired, we will maintain your company administrative records to keep you in compliance.

DOT Industry Training Courses

We‎ offer Eighteen DOT related training courses.  These courses are built around the same Federal and State DOT training classes that are only offered to DOT Law Enforcement Officers.  Our courses are not offered by any other consultants. We will pass on our knowledge so that your company can avoid costly fines and a reduction in your safety rating. See our Course overview page for more information.

Retain Our services

DOT Training

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Monthly Retainer

Do you need a DOT Professional to answer your regulatory questions from time to time?  Would‎ you like to have a competent, highly trained DOT professional working on your behalf?   We are offering our DOT Consulting Services on a monthly retainer basis.  Retainers can be used for a variety of services including but not limited to: Administrative training, Driver Training, Roadside inspection report review and challenge, Review of Motor Carrier overall compliance, Mock Audits,  Audit prep and representation during Federal and/or State audits & Expert Witness testimony. We offer a complete line of services at a fraction of the cost of having a full time DOT professional on staff.   Lets schedule a meeting and explore how we may be able to assist you.   

Driver Safety Meetings

Every trucking company must have safety meetings- quarterly, monthly, or semi-annually.  Our Consultants can run these meetings for you! They can cover a variety of topics including driver responsibilities, changing driver behavior, or how CVE Troopers are to conduct their Roadside inspections. Contact us today to set up your safety meetings!