Texas Best DOT Consultants

              and Compliance, LLC​

Texas Best DOT Consultants and Compliance, LLC, is dedicated to assisting your company in compliance with the complex Federal and State DOT Regulations.  We help you exceed your compliance goals. 

Our veteran specialists have worked for and honorably retired from the Texas Highway Patrol - Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division.  Our Consultants have been certified by the US DOT,FMCSA National Training Center, and theTexas Department of Public Safety. 

  • Hours of Service Rules
  • Interstate vs. Intrastate
  • Weight and Bridge Law
  • Over size and Over Dimensional Law
  • Load Securement Procedures
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements
  • Registration Law
  • Roadside DOT Enforcement
  • Roadside Inspection Survival
  • Compliance Reviews
  • New Entrance Audits
  • Motor Carrier Start Up Procedures
  • Driver Qualifications 
  • Maintenance Management Procedures 

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Instructors areas of specialization:

Texas Best DOT Consultants and Compliance, LLC

Our Company at a Glance


Our Consultants have over 51 years of State Law Enforcement and

over 18.5 years of Motor Carrier Experience!

  • Hazardous Materials Training
  • HM Shipping Papers
  • HM Placard Requirements
  • HM Marking Requirements
  • HM Label Requirements
  • Specification Packaging
  • Testing and Re-Qualification of Spec Packaging
  • Administrative and Driver Training
  • Administrative Compliance